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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let's DO IT BIG!

Cheers to another dynamic new year!

My theme for 2014 is….let’s DO IT BIG!

It’s that simple- let’s do it BIG!  Let’s not just talk about our dreams, but this year in 2014, let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Let’s live our dreams and make them come true.  You know, at the end of the day, LIVING YOUR DREAM IS ABOUT TAKING ACTION.  ACTION gets you to where you want to go.

What are those dreams you’ve been thinking about?  Let me give you 3 simple tips to follow throughout this year to bring those dreams closer and closer to reality!  It’s easy and it’s simple…here we go:

  1. Write down your life’s SHORT STORY.  Imagine someone is writing an article about you and they’re summing up your life into ONE PAGE.  Write down what you see.  Don’t try to overanalyze it, just write down what comes to your heart and keep that somewhere safe.  Look at that frequently.  I was told a long time ago that whatever you focus on will expand.  It really is so true!  Do you know that when you’re imagining something, you’re FOCUSING on it?  Writing down what you want to become will help you to focus on moving towards that goal.  So, for instance, if you’re always      thinking about failure, then that’s inevitable...that is what you’re going to produce.  HOWEVER, you’re not a failure….YOU’RE A WINNER!  Writing down your goals and reviewing them- looking at them often will begin to create visuals and imaginative thoughts that line up with your vision.  Don’t worry about making it complicated…just write it down.  Read it over and over again and begin believing in yourself again.  Most of us are so busy, we don’t think about what we want out of life.  Take time to write down what you really want out of your life.  You’re worth it.
  2. KEEP TAKING IT ONE STEP CLOSER.  A mentor of mine constantly tells me….don’t think too hard!  Don’t overanalyze!  Now that you’ve written down what you want to accomplish, TAKE ONE BOLD STEP.  Yes, take one step!  What could that be?  It’s totally up to you.  Just remember throughout the year to KEEP TAKING BOLD STEPS.  Most of the time, we get stuck.  We take a few steps and then we say, OH NO…WHAT NOW?  Then we stop and overanalyze and OVERTHINK.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a SMALL STEP…just take it a step closer.  For instance, maybe you’re in a lot of debt and you’re imagining how you can be financially secure.  Go out this week and open a savings account!  ‘What??? But Amma, I have no money!’  Don’t think about it.  Go and open a free savings account and put $10 bucks in there!  Every time you get paid, just throw $10 in there.  Just start something.  Get out of the rut!  It will begin to train you to think differently.  Maybe you want to start a consulting business.  Get on blogger or wordpress or something and build your website…these tools are free!  Print your BUSINESS CARDS.  TAKE IT ONE STEP CLOSER.  The easiest way to get out of a RUT is to take action.  Actually, it’s the ONLY WAY.  The examples are limitless!  If you need advice on taking your dream one step closer, just shoot me an email.
  1. Get advice regularly.  Start investing into relationships.  It’s time, my friend, to think BIGGER!!!  You need people to get to where you’re going.  You need to draw from other people’s experiences and other people’s wisdom and knowledge to get to where you want to go.  Why not get good advice to help you move forward?  Perspective is priceless.  My life totally changed when I started surrounding myself with people who were smarter than me!  A mentor told me, when you decide to move forward with your life, there are at least 3-5 people in your inner circle that you can reach out to you to help you.  Look, I totally believe it’s true!  I started reaching out to people that could help me build my dreams and my hopes…people who had more skills than me in certain areas.  This was INVALUABLE.  You’ve GOT to invest into good relationships and reach out for help.  Stop spinning your wheels and let’s move this baby forward!

Your dreams are so real.  Someone somewhere is waiting for you to start working that dream!  Our big dreams are not just for us…they are for the world around us!  This year, I’m focused on ACTION.  I don’t care if I fail at certain things.  In the end is unlimited success…so join me this year and LET’S DO IT BIG!!!

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Monday, September 2, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Give In

Here’s a short and easy read for you.  I’m a firm believer that determination can get you to your goal.  I know a lot of us out there are facing incredible hardships and sometimes life seems so unbearable that you want to give up.  I want to encourage you today.  DON’T give up.  DON’T throw in the towel.

Here’s 3 reasons why:

  1. If you give in, you’ll never reach the prize.  If you persist, YOU WILL WIN.  It’s impossible to reach the end goal if you quit.  I know that sounds OBVIOUS…and it is, but think about it.  If you truly have an end goal and you are truly convinced and you WANT it…why quit?  Even if it takes you longer than you expected to reach your goal, you are much better off by continuing to reach for your goal.  If you get a little tired, take a little break.  Re-ENERGIZE YOURSELF and get back in the game.  Persistence.  Persistence. Persistence.  Learn to see what’s not there.  Keep at your grind.  Even when it seems like it’s not producing anything.  Keep at it.  Your work behind the scenes will prove valuable one day soon.

  1. We NEED you to win and your success will have a ripple effect in this world.  Others are watching you.  I’m a firm believer that our success is not our own.  Our will to win will inspire others and that means that other people’s dreams will be fulfilled as you fulfill your own dream.  Think about that.  Think about the people you do business with.  Think about the people you’ve hired.  Think about the people that have hired you.  We’re all products and beneficiaries of someone else’s dream.  Think about the things that you enjoy.  The food.  The music.  That laptop.  That phone you can’t live without!  Those were all products of another man’s dream.  Our goals, once reached, will cause a ripple effect within the lives of those around us.

  1. You have a destiny.  I know that may sound MUSHY…but it is the absolute TRUTH.  You have a destiny.  You have a purpose.  You’re not here on accident.  There’s a reason why you are gifted the way you are.  There’s a reason why some of us are creative.  There’s a reason why some of us are analytical.  There’s a reason why some of us are into the big picture and others are into detail.  It’s because we all have a purpose and a destiny!  You have something that you were born to accomplish.  In fact, I’m sure it’s more than ONE THING.  You have A LOT to offer this world.  Do you believe it?

Maybe all of us (including me) need to take a little time out to really evaluate our lives.  We live in this constant fast-paced society and it becomes dangerous when we don’t take time to think.  Think about your life.  Think about the goals that you have.  Think about the things that you want to do and accomplish.  Now think about how many people will be impacted once you achieve your goal (and even along the way). 

YOU CAN’T QUIT.  There’s something absolutely fantastic that is waiting for you.  Yes, beyond all of those problems and difficulties and hardships, there’s a pearl.  There’s a prize waiting for you…BE ENCOURAGED.

If you have some time, listen to my song- You’re AMAZING.  I wrote it just for you.

Share this with someone that’s going through tough times. Encourage them.

Never quit.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thankfulness Drowns Discontentment

Thankfulness drowns discontentment.

So, today I was thinking of all the things I’ve wanted to accomplish that I haven’t accomplished yet.  One thought after the other started rolling through my mind.  I need more of this.  I need more of that.  Blah, blah, blah….

Then I stopped myself.  I switched modes.

I started to think about all the things I was thankful for and I was totally reminded that I AM BLESSED…and it’s not because everything is perfect.  It’s because at every stage of my life I find that I have all I need and within every moment, I can extract a haven of rest, especially when I’m thankful.

Then I started to look around.  I looked at my kids little sweet faces.  I cherished their smiles a little more today.  My husband gave me lots of hugs today.  Man, maybe sometimes I take all those hugs for granted.  Then I looked at my house.  Wow, I am so thankful that I have one.  My refrigerator is full of food.  I ate plenty today.  I smiled.  I have fantastic employees- an awesome team.  I have fantastic friends.

My entire mood changed.  Discontentment is a thief.  It’s a thief to your joy.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting more.  Listen, I want more for my life.  I’m reaching for the top…..but what about the treasure of the moment you’re in right now.  Pause to see the beauty.  Pause to breathe in and absorb all that your life has for you TODAY.  Start thinking about all the things you are thankful for.

I wonder what life would be like for all of us if we would all just be a little more thankful.  I wonder what our relationships would be like if we just thanked people for all they have done instead of focusing on their deficiencies. 

Yeah, I know- sometimes life really sucks.  Sometimes things happen or don’t happen.  Sometimes projects don’t go the way you thought they would go.  Sometimes people hurt you.  Sometimes you get rejected.  Sometimes you feel unworthy.  Yup, and we all want to be a little skinnier and a little more rich. 

But we’ve all be blessed with the gift called, ‘TODAY’ and we need to do something with it.

Pause for a moment and think about all you have.  Be thankful.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Belief. The Heart's Pathway....

Here’s a short and quick post for you.

WHAT DO YOU TRULY BELIEVE?  Deep down, within the depths of your being, what do you truly believe about yourself?  What do you truly believe about your life?

For most of us, it’s not OURSELVES making decisions for our life.  It is our BELIEF SYSTEMS that are making all of the decisions.

For instance, if you have a belief system that tells you, ‘I’m not good enough’.  You will make decisions based on that belief system.  You won't even reach for opportunities because your belief system will tell you NO.

It's time to change your belief systems?  I've had to overcome some major obstacles in my life and changing my belief systems have been one of the most IMPORTANT lessons.

If you want to move forward in your life but you feel like some invisible SOMETHING is holding you back- it’s often a belief system.

Here’s the simplest way to break down paralyzing belief systems.

  1. IDENTIFY IT.  This will take time.  Get a journal and get in a quite place.  Write down some of the self-limiting beliefs that have been controlling you.  If you give yourself some quiet time, you'll be able to identify them.
  2. REPLACE IT.  Here's what's true with most things in've got to replace the negative with the positive.  For every negative self-limiting belief, you can transfer that into a positive one.  If you get ac chance, I would encourage you to download the book, The Prosperity Paradigm by Steve D'Annunzio!  It's a great read and will help you to identify some self limiting beliefs.
  3. RE-PROGRAM.  In order to reprogram, you’re going to have to feed your soul on a consistent basis to help you replace that OLD BELIEF system in your heart.
    • MAKE POSITIVE CONFESSIONS. Speaking positive words help to change your belief systems.
    • CHANGE YOUR SURROUNDINGS.  You may need to connect with some new people to help pull you up to the level where you’re supposed to be!
Here are some other self limiting beliefs AND replacements!

  • I don't have enough money.  I've replaced that with, 'I'm living in ABUNDANCE.'
  • Every time I seem to get ahead, something bad happens.  Replace that with, 'Everything is working out to my favor.  Everything is working out in my favor- the good, the bad and the ugly!'
  • I never win.  Replace that with, 'I am a winner in every situation.'

Belief is the heart's pathway.  Belief systems are controlling the path you are taking.  In chapter 8 of my free eBOOK, I discuss a little bit about how YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED TO SUCCEED.  Most of us limit ourselves in our lives because we just don’t think we have enough.  That’s a self limiting belief!  You have all you need to get to where you want to go in life.  I encourage you to work on your belief systems and reprogram your heart and your soul to get on the right pathway to a BETTER LIFE!