10 Free Resources to Launch Your Idea

  1. ENTREPRENEUR.com  The first rule to becoming successful is to BE RESOURCEFUL.  Entrepreneur magazine, both online and in-print is a fabulous resource for information, trends and just great stories that can enrich your experience. Visit them online!  I’ve directed you to a link with AWESOME TEMPLATES that you can use for your business.  Check some of them out and while you’re there, check out some of the articles online.  You’ll be smarter for it!
  2. WIX.  If you want to start a website and have no programming experience, you’ll see lots of people using WIX.  It is an AWESOME resource!  If you know how to upload a picture and use MS Word, then you’ll definitely be able to complete your website- no sweat.  WIX, of course, has some upgrade features with more bells and whistles, but you can certainly launch your website with their FREE version!
  3. WEEBLY.  Weebly is just like WIX, just a different platform.  Easy to use and you can create a lot of different looks for your website.  Get started!
  4. BLOGGER OR WORDPRESS.  Alright, you already know that you don’t need a PENNY to start a blog!  I personally like BLOGGER (it’s a google product).  You can start your blog, post to it whenever you want, change the layout and all that…FREE.  Get started today.
  5. FACEBOOK Pages.  Listen, if you don’t want to do a formal website and you don’t want to deal with all that drama, then just create a facebook page and direct your URL there! Lots of entrepreneurs are doing that these days.  You can easily google how to forward your URL to your facebook page- takes one minute!
  6. ANIMOTO.  Animoto is an excellent VIDEO creation resource!  You can create a cool new video to promote your product or brand.  Here’s the one I used during the holidays to promote my CD.  Simple and useful!
  7. MP3 CUT.  Have you ever needed to clip an MP3 for your podcast?  Well, here you go!  MP3 cut is AWESOME!  You can upload the MP3 and decide what you want to cut and what you want to keep!  That’s it.  You can then save the file.  It’s great for all of you PODCASTERS out there who may have limited budgets for software!
  8. CLIPPING MAGIC.  Do you have photos that you’d like to use for promotional purposes, but you need the background taken out!  Well, not everyone has money to pay a graphic designer, so WHY NOT DO IT ONLINE!  I used this to create my CD cover for my Christmas single, see it here.
  9. WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER.  One of my FAVES!  Windows movie maker is also another great video creation resource, but it has even more versatility than others.  You can record your voice, over lay pictures, add text, edit other videos, etc.  If you are a YOUTUBER and you need to edit your videos and add subtitles and text and all that, then you want to check out movie maker.  It’s super easy to use!  Here is a youtube video I created with movie maker.
  10. THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.  Last, but certainly not least, one of the greatest ways to advance your vision is to connect with the people around you! The greatest resource, by far, are the people around you.  You may not think you know the people you need to know, but TRUST me…there are probably MORE answers around you than you realize!  Reach out to 3-5 people that are in your circle.  Even if they are not your personal friends, maybe they are people who are accessible to you- reach out to them!  Ask them about your dream and get their advice.  Just be sure to choose wisely!


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