Fall Issue Debuts in September!

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Well, I’m just so excited because I LIVE excited!!! LOL!!!

But seriously, I am so excited about the new FALL ISSUE of the AMMA JO LOOKBOOK Magazine we’re working on!  We’ll be doing a full feature of our new ITALIAN LEATHER COLLECTION which is SIMPLY AMAZING! You will be floored by these beautiful designs.  We also have some new items to debut in the showroom including some new apparel and OTHER WOMEN OWNED brands coming to the AMMA JO Family!

Now, I’ve also decided to include some DATING ADVICE!!! OH YEAH LADIES!!!!

See, here’s the thing.  In this issue, I’m writing a few articles about stepping into your new season and quite frankly, to get to where you are in life, you have to get RID OF THE OLD!!! That includes any negative feelings you have about yourself.

Now, for my single ladies…..

I see FAR TOO MANY WOMEN compromising who they are….just to get a date.

I see TOO MANY WOMEN who just think they need a man.

No baby.  You can’t keep compromising yourself and putting your entire life in a BOX just to get a man to make you feel beautiful.  You need to embrace your own beauty and be TOTALLY confident in who you are and that doesn’t come from anyone- that comes from within you.

I also talk to a lot of young women who are so desperate! They feel desperate to get into a relationship or so desperate because maybe their friends are dating and they’re not.  Well, desperation can sometimes be a good thing, but it can also make you settle for LESS than you deserve.  Now on a serious note, I want to help women feel great about themselves so you don’t end up in a dysfunctional harmful relationship but MOST of all, I hope I can get you too see all the GREAT THINGS you deserve in life so you will only allow that special person to treat you like the QUEEN YOU ARE!!!!

But, first of all, you have to discover the QUEEN INSIDE OF YOU….for YOURSELF!

And most of all, so many women are so enamored with social media- we see the Kim Kardashians of the world and we’re on instagram watching everyone and we feel like ‘everyone is so much prettier and happier than me’.  Well, we’re going to talk about that too in this issue!!!

If we can feel great about ourselves + translate that feeling into our young girls, we can help to progress women like never before!

AAAAND as always, we’re going to give you FALL FASHION IDEAS from AMMA JO LAND!!!! I’m so excited to see you in the showroom, around the community, and online!

If you didn’t get a chance to check out our summer issue, definitely take a look! You will also see that within the digital magazine, there are links to product features!!! We’re getting TECHY….yeah!!!

Most of all,


With love,



Founder & CEO of AMMA JO, Co-founder of AJ BRANDS.

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