I Choose Joy

Have you ever felt yourself on your way to a bad mood?

Maybe you enjoyed a beautiful day and then you realize Monday is coming and you start feeling that feeling of dread?

Or you wake up in the morning to a sunny day and something happens with your kids or they start fighting or maybe just something happens that starts your mood spinning downhill?

Well, we all have those little moments and the truth is that life and chance and joy and pain happen to us all and it’s ok to feel the slump, but not stay there.

Here are a few things you can do- easy and simple things that I call ‘Mood Lifters’.

Because the thing is that most of us make life WAY too complicated- I know I do ALL THE TIME.  So these are just a few things I’ve started incorporating into my everyday life and it really helps me straighten out my mood.

I write this post realizing that there are other things affecting mood including maybe sickness or medication or other conditions like clinical depression and things like that- those things are very real, but these suggestions are just a few things you can do to make your everyday life a little lighter….add some joy to it!

Here we go:

  • Listen to music.  Now I’m a musician so music is like LIFE to me.  I just can’t live without it.   I can’t go barely an hour or so at a time without having music as a part of my life.  But the thing about music is the ability to change your mood because it can really ease your soul and kind of breaks up your day.  So, I put on some upbeat music while I’m working or sing a long with my favorite song and it’s a real mood lifter for me!
  • Get a good workout in.  Sometimes your body just needs to get a good workout it! And it doesn’t have to be intense.  Listen, it can just be a good 10 minute stretch but the point is – GET YOUR BODY MOVING.  Movement creates energy and getting that energy stirring around in your body is great for the body, the mind and the soul!  Or take a walk.
  • Take a little quiet time.  Sometimes you just need a little reboot!  You know, like your computer when it has too many windows open and you just need to shut that thing down and let it rest.  I’m a huge believer in everyone taking time out regularly to get away from the madness of everyday life- so that you can collect your mind and refresh your soul.  Sometimes I steal away to my favorite bookstore and read my favorite magazine and have a super girly latte or I escape to the lower level of our house and let my kids know I’m downstairs for about 30 minutes, but only come down if you need me!!!!  Just so I can steal away and collect my mind- breathe again.  You don’t have to do anything in particular when you get that quiet time.  Sometimes I just watch my favorite TV show or I just look at pinterest or sometimes, I just lie down and breathe.  Let yourself breathe and take a moment to yourself my friend! Your brain just needs a little rest.
  • Change your focus.  Most of the time when that bad mood sets in, we’re thinking about something that causes a trigger.  Become more self-aware of your thoughts.  Your thoughts are like food for your soul so what are you feeding yourself?  Feed yourself some hope.  Watch something inspiring or listen to something or read something that inspires you.  Feed your soul.  You need hope and positive energy to get through the day.  We are all bombarded daily with so many messages- more messages than EVER before! Now, with social media and being so OVER connected, we are all ingesting so many thoughts and events and happenings that it’s hard to focus.  Take time to focus on the positive things- things that move you forward.  Things that energize you.  I LOVE personal development so I might throw on a Oprah video or Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer or Tony Robbins or Les Brown or something- something POSITIVE.  Feed your soul – don’t let it whither away.  Focus on what energizes you.
  • REST.  This kind of echoes our earlier points, but sometimes you just need to rest.  Go to bed early.  Sleep.  Take a personal day.  Lay down.  Take a nap.  All of the running around gets to you and your little mood swings are basically your body telling you- ‘I need rest’!!!!
  • Eat something healthy! It never ceases to amaze me how much MOOD is affected to our diet.  I know when I’m consuming way too much coffee or sweets or carbs, my body just slows down and gets in a slump.  Sometimes I give myself a good 2 or 3 day cleanse.  Or I just make sure for lunch and dinner, I eat a bunch of veggies or fruit or healthy soup.
  • Go out with a friend.  This is a big one for me.  You know, sometimes I do need to be alone, but sometimes I just need to talk!!! So, call a friend and go out and chat.  It’s so amazing that as a mom, you think a lot of times you’re alone with what you’re experiencing- for all of us.  But when you get to chatting with a friend, you realize, you’re not on an island alone.  It’s healthy to have great friendships and people you can vent to.  Being alone and never expressing your feelings makes life difficult.  Call a friend- go out- chat a little bit.
  • Appreciate the little things.  The other day, my daughter woke up and immediately, she said, “Did you have a good sleep Mommy?”  and she smiled! It just really made my day.  Just seeing her smile.  And just the other day, I made a REALLY GOOD SALAD!!! I just sat and enjoyed how beautiful it was and just enjoyed eating it- turned off my cell phone and my computer and just sat and hat a salad- took a breather from life, said a prayer and just enjoyed a little moment.  Enjoy looking at the sky.  Appreciate who you are and what you have.  Be thankful for the little things that you have in life.  Be thankful for this very moment- being alive- it’s a gift.
  • Have perspective.  I know that of us face difficulty in life.  Grave challenges and situations that are very real.  Just keep perspective.  Know that this too will pass.  Something will make you smile again.  Keep the big picture in mind.  Life is just one beautiful story.  Yes, it’s filled with it’s difficult moments, but it is also SO beautiful and SO rewarding if you just allow it to be.

Take life one day at a time.  Keep your head to the sky, your dreams alive and your feet to the ground so that daily you’re making an effort to live that beautiful life you were meant to live.  And make someone else smile! You’ll be amazed what can happen in your life and in your own world when you help someone else!

Cheers to a better and brighter tomorrow!




Founder & CEO of AMMA JO, Co-founder of AJ BRANDS.

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