Full Photo Shoot- Brittany Erin

Brittany is the Owner of  beYou Marketing LLC.

What is your favorite quote?  “The easy thing and the right thing are rarely the same thing.” – I’ve gone through so many hard times over the past few years, and all the decisions I had to make were hard ones. But they were what my heart and gut told me to do. I had lived in so much fear that kept me in my comfort zone and I’ve found it’s quite beautiful to take the road less traveled.
What makes your sparkle? What makes me sparkle is my family. I am so blessed with an amazing support system and they are the reason I do everything that I do. When I have a rough day, and I need to find my “shine” I think about the model I’m being for our girls and the dreams we have for our family, and how important it is that I push forward to love and inspire them. Nothing makes me sparkle more than to think about giving them what they deserve in this world. 

Brittany is wearing the:

AMMA JO Blue Cut Out Dress

Wild Thing Blue Signature Clutch

Wild Thing Wild Flower Signature Clutch

Color Block Aztec Necklace

La Fleur Tote




Founder & CEO of AMMA JO, Co-founder of AJ BRANDS.

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